“Snowpiercer” Director’s Cut Heading To Limited Theaters

February 9, 20140 Comments

After months of rumor, anger and speculation that saw the fans, cast and director Bong Joon-ho publicly voice their displeasure about Harvey Weinstein’s plans to cut SNOWPIERCER by twenty minutes and add voiceover, the good news is that the director’s cut will get a U.S. release. The catch is that it may not be playing at a theater near you.

Deadline reports that the picture will hit limited theaters only, as they claim a wide release was planned until Bong Joon-ho “turned in a cut of just beyond two and one-half hours.” If you’ve been following the film, you should know that the director’s cut that is already in release in some territories (and screening at the Berlin Film Festival) is actually just over two hours long. It’s unclear if they’re mistaken but the site also suggests that the movie “doesn’t deliver what the [sales] agents promised” despite the fact that it has broken box office records in South Korea and won numerous awards.

Is the limited release a part of Harvey Weinstein’s very public declarations of late that he will be more considerate when it comes to violent movies and will cut down on releasing them? He didn’t seem to have a problem with Tarantino’s Django Unchained. Snowpiercer has enough star power to warrant a wide release including Chris Evans (Captain America), John Hurt, Octavia Spencer, Jamie Bell, Tilda Swinton, Alison Pill and more. After months of being negatively portrayed in the media, is Mr. Weinstein trying to save his image? The film should be getting a wide release in the U.S. in the way it was intended, but I’ll settle for driving to a bigger town to watch the director’s cut.

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