In “Alien: Isolation” The Xenomorph Learns While Hunting You

February 13, 20140 Comments

Developer Creative Assembly is attempting to make an intense survival horror video game. In the upcoming Alien: Isolation you’ll be hunted by a single Xenomorph. It will stalk you, trick you, learn your tactics, and will find you.

In an interview with UK gaming magazine Edge, Alien: Isolation creative lead Alistair Hope detailed just how intelligent the alien can be.

“The alien is systemic across the board. We can just drop the alien into an area and see how it behaves. It knows when it sees something and it knows when it just suspects something.” 

“Obviously, we bookend certain areas to give you an objective, but most of the time the alien is in the world and it’s hunting you. You’ll acquire some abilities you can use to defend yourself for a while, but then suddenly the alien stops attacking you. It stops doing what you thought it was going to do. You’re looking at this alien and something’s changed. It learns.”

Luckily, you’re in a space station with all sorts of places to hide, right? Each room has been designed to feel real, and that means you’ll have places to hide, like vents, when you need to. However, they’ve also given the Xenomorph a way to “sniff” you out. This comes courtesy of a complex decision-making tree that gives the alien the ability to make decisions on the fly.

“You might hide in a vent,” Hope suggests, “but the alien can come in there with you. That’s a massive moment in our game. You realise you’re not safe anywhere. But when the alien is hunting you, he doesn’t hear your position, he hears the noises from the vent. So he goes to the mouth of the vent to investigate.”

So the alien can think, it can learn, it adapts. It can even set an ambush. It definitely sounds like they’re getting the Alien video game franchise back on track. Alien: Isolation arrives later this year for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer, a behind-the-scenes video and 8 minutes of gameplay footage here.

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