“MST3K” Gang Reunite For Television Special “Total Riff Off”

March 23, 20140 Comments

In the not too distant future, April 1st to be exact, the gang from Mystery Science Theater 3000 are reuniting for a special called “Total Riff Off” on National Geographic.

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett will be cracking jokes over three different one-hour episodes featuring classic clips from National Geographic shows. The clips they’ll be mocking feature mantis shrimp, leaf-nosed bats, koalas and more.

When a biologist comments on how koalas don’t seem to do much, Corbett notes, “Yeah, ’cause most animals have jobs.” When the koalas are later declared, “lazy, smelly, and full of disease,” Murphy cracks, “So they’re like college students.” Watching a cassowary bird swallow an egg whole, Nelson remarks, “I eat pot roast the same way.” Thumbs up if you read that in their voices.

Animals won’t be the only target of riffs. British cinematographer Richard Terry, host of “Man v. Monster,” from which some of the show clips are taken, gets some jokes thrown his way. When Terry announces that his dream is to find and film real-life monsters, Nelson adds, “Mostly those people who drive slow in the passing lane and don’t move.” As someone who uses RiffTrax and watches MST3K on Netflix and YouTube, I cannot wait for this!

“Total Riff Off” will air April 1st at 8 p.m. on the National Geographic Channel. Let’s hope they’re not fooling us.

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