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April 15, 20140 Comments

Writer/director James Cameron (Titanic, Avatar) recently held a Reddit Ask Me Anything, where a surprising amount of time was spent chatting about movies, deep-sea exploring, video games and virtual reality.

When a user asked what his favorite guilty pleasure movie to watch was, Cameron responded, “Oh, probably Resident Evil, the first one. I just like that film! You don’t have to defend a guilty pleasure.”

Another user asked, “How did you feel about what ‘Prometheus’ contributes to the ‘Alien’ story ark? And which is your favorite movie?”

Cameron replied, “Interesting. I thought it was an interesting film. I thought it was thought provoking and beautifully, visually mounted, but at the end of the day it didn’t add up logically. But I enjoyed it, and I’m glad it was made. I liked it better than the previous two Alien sequels. And it was done in native 3D and I’m a big fan of Native 3D done by directors who embrace it as an art form, like Ridley, Scorsese, Ang Lee.”

User honorman81 wrote, “Hi James, I am a big fan of your work, especially the Terminator movies and Titanic. I was just wondering. What did you honestly think of T3, T4, sarah connor chronicles and all the other non Cameron terminator works? Thanks. Also, does it scare you that Arnold has a tank now?” 

“Well, I have to be objective, or as objective as possible about that,” said Cameron. “I’m not big fans of the films, I think that the big ideas of the first movies – I didn’t make the second film until I had an idea as big as the first film, and it had to do with the moral complexity of the story, and asking the audience by the end of the film to cry for a Terminator. I don’t think that the 3rd or 4th film lived up to that potential. Sarah Connor Chronicles I never really watched much of it, so I never gave it a chance I get to get hooked, like you have to with a TV series. I’m hopeful that the new films, which are being made right now as a reboot, but still involving Arnold, will be good. From what I’ve seen from afar, it looks like they will be quite good.

You gotta remember, for Arnold, a tank is a recreational vehicle, I wouldn’t read too much into it. He just wants the biggest thing he can get to drive. He was the first boy on his block to have a Humvee.”

That only scratches the surface of the discussion. Check out the rest of the questions and answers HERE.

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