Kevin Smith Discusses Horror Holiday Movie “Anti-Claus”

April 29, 20140 Comments

It appears that Kevin Smith’s next horror picture Comes The Krampus is now titled Anti-Claus. Not only do we now have an official title, but also a cast. Smith recently finished production on Tusk and will use the stars from that film – Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez and Michael Parks – in his Krampus flick.

Said Smith, “When I was a kid, if they wanted to make a Christmas horror movie, they’d stick an axe in Santa’s hands. In Anti-Claus we leave Santa alone and creep with the Krampus through twisted tales of holly-jolly murder, desire, desperation and despair. Just in time for the holiday season. In America, we’re taught that nice kids gets presents from Santa and naughty kids get coal. But in countries like Germany, Austria, Bavaria, Romania and Hungary, Christmas is more metal than merry: Saint Nicholas brings a sack full of toys for good kids and the Krampus carries an empty bag for taking away the bad kids. I wanna see THAT Christmas movie. So rather than wait for it, we’ll make it instead.”

Actually Smith wouldn’t have to wait for it. There’s a wonderful, foreign film called Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale that was made in 2010. It sounds somewhat similar to this. I strongly recommend it for those who haven’t seen it.

Robert Kurtzman (Cabin Fever, Late Phases) will create the Krampus. XYZ Films has picked up all international sales rights to the film, which begins shooting in September.

Check out our detailed report from when the project was announced back in January HERE.

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