Evan Peters Discusses His Show Stealing Scene In “X-Men: DOFP”

May 28, 20140 Comments

Actor Evan Peters (American Horror Story) was surprisingly the greatest part about X-Men: Days of Future Past. After publicity photos surfaced of him dressed as Quicksilver, a lot of fans (myself included) were expecting the character to be one of the low points of the film. Well, fans have learned yet again to never judge a book by its cover. Quicksilver was definitely my favorite part of the film.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Peters was asked if he knew the character would be the highlight of the film for most viewers. “No not at all,” he assured. “I knew the character was cool and what they had written was great. But I didn’t know any of the special effects they had planned. I had never done anything like this before. They were filming it and said it would look really cool. I’m super happy with it and pleasantly surprised at how awesome it turned out.” 

On stealing scenes from the likes of Wolverine and Magneto, Evan Peters says it was intimidating. “I had grown up watching all of the X-Men films and then there’s Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in front of me,” he recalled. “I was really nervous. They were great and really funny and nice guys — Hugh and James [McAvoy] and Nicholas [Hoult]. They were awesome.” 

On getting offered the Quicksilver role, and the key to getting him right, Peters said, “I was trying to find the right attitude for him. You don’t want to make him too crazy and too caffeinated. But it was really the mischievous quality that was something that Bryan and I worked on.  He’s faster than the law. He sort of has this attitude that he can get away with anything.” He continued, “Bryan Singer called me and said he’s a fan of American Horror Story and he wanted me for the role. I was blown away because I audition for things all the time and I don’t get things – and here I get a role in the new X-Men movie as Quicksilver. I was going ‘what the hell is going on? This is awesome!’ I think I was actually shooting eight or nine days. It was two different two-week sessions I was up in Montreal.”

Peters then explained what it was like shooting the kitchen scene. “It was really cool because in the elevator me and Fassbender got to improvise a lot and just play around, which is so much fun,”“He’s such a cool guy. Then we get upstairs to the kitchen and it’s all very technical. There are a lot of motion capture camera moves and you are shooting with a phantom camera, which shoots in super slow motion – and the room is brighter than any sunny day.  And there are these four guys keeping their eyes open and pretending to be frozen. And I’m just running around pretending to move them.” He added, “There’s a section of the scene where I’m moving the arms of two cops, so their guns will move. Then I’m supposed to sprint to the other end of the room to prevent the bullets from hitting my friends –- but there’s water all over the floor and I slip and fall – I just eat shit. They tried to teach me some parkour. They tried to teach me some jumping over shit and that was funny to.”

So what did you think of Evan Peters as Quicksilver? I personally think Aaron Taylor-Johnson will have to step up his game now in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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