Comic Review: “Strangled With A Halo” Issue #1

June 28, 20140 Comments

Blood! Guts! Bowling!

Strangled with a Halo tells the story of Onas Grey. He’s going through a midlife crisis full of misery and a wife who hates his guts named Sheryl. He receives no respect at the grocery store he manages or at home. The only place that is his sanctuary, is the bowling alley.

During the day and in his dreams, Onas sees demons that range from sexy to terrifying. Is it real or is he finally going insane? It becomes even more bizarre when Onas begins to see The Grinning Man. Who is he, or better yet, what is he?

One night at the bowling alley, Onas accidentally offends a group of bikers who are ready to crush his skull. In comes The Grinning Man who acts as some sort of guardian angel. Let’s just say, the bikers don’t stand a chance.

However, there are demons after The Grinning Man and they’re ready to destroy Onas’ life in order to find him. Welcome to issue #1.

The first issue does a great job at setting up the characters and story. The inciting incident has happened, and now I’m ready for Onas’ journey to really begin in the coming issues. The great thing about the comic is that it raises a lot of questions and leaves you wanting more blood, monsters and bowling.

Strangled with a Halo is cleverly written by Jake Young, a comic book writer, horror movie fan and metalhead from Illinois. This is his first self-published comic under his “Cussing At Waitresses” banner. The bowling aspect made me think immediately of movies such as The Big Lebowski and Kingpin. Turns out, that’s exactly what the author was going for. In the afterword, Young thanks the readers and explains some of his inspirations including the films I just mentioned. Bowling plays a smaller part in the first issue, but it’ll probably get bigger in the coming issues once the gambling is introduced.

The artwork is done by Mazzart, the cover by Ralph Niese and the lettering by Ted Woods. Visually, the comic looks great. The artwork is in black and white. I’m not sure if this was done due to the budget or on purpose, but it works for this horror comic. The artwork reminded me of some of my other favorite graphic novels such as Sin City, The Crow and The Walking Dead. It’s dark, gritty, bizarre and perfectly fits the story.

I was blown away by Strangled with a Halo and am definitely hooked for the next entry, which can’t come soon enough. I strongly recommend this to comic book lovers because it’s a fun read, and independent, self published artists need all the love they can get.

You be the judge and check it out.

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