Boots To ReBoots: The Wicker Man

July 24, 20141 Comment

In this episode of Boots To ReBoots, Andy and his split personalities take a look at the 2006 remake of The Wicker Man starring the greatest actor of his generation, Nicolas Cage. Sorry Christopher Lee.

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  • dwedic

    To me, that part wasn’t very clear. The unrated version ends with Malus’ death while the theatrical version ends with the bar scene with Willow and Honey, which implies it is something the islanders will definitely do again. I wasn’t sure if it was something they had previously done. You’d think all the little girls in the framed photos were the ones being sacrificed every year. It’d be easier to sacrifice people living on the island instead of leaving and creating all these missing people.

    All the men on the island are mute and seem to only be there for breeding and labor. I wish they fleshed the men’s role (breeding, working, sacrificing) out a little more because it’s vague and seemed like an interesting addition to explore further. Thanks for watching and sharing your thoughts.

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