Photo: The Thing From Josh Trank’s FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot

July 26, 20140 Comments

Justified Films posted a photo that may be our first look at The Thing/Ben Grimm from Josh Trank’s FANTASTIC FOUR reboot.

The sculpted bust is used by visual effects crews for lighting references when they insert the character digitally in post-production. 20th Century Fox may not have shown any Fantastic Four footage at Comic-Con, but this isn’t bad. I still have mixed feelings on this reboot, but at least The Thing looks pretty good.

Fantastic Four is directed by Josh Trank (Chronicle) from a script by Jeremy Slater and Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days of Future Past).

The film stars Miles Teller (Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic), Michael B. Jordan (Johnny Storm/The Human Torch), Kate Mara (Sue Storm/Invisible Woman), Jamie Bell (Ben Grimm/The Thing), Tim Blake Nelson (Harvey Elder/Mole Man), and Toby Kebbell (Dr. Doom).


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