Boots To ReBoots: Dredd (2012)

January 27, 20154 Comments

In this episode, Andy and his split personalities take a look at the 1995 and 2012 adaptations of Judge Dredd.  It’s a battle of the frowny faces!

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  1. Eze Nolose says:

    link is down, please reupload it. I’d like to see it. btw keep on the good work. You deserve more views.

  2. StitchedTogetherPictures says:

    The video still plays, however there is a copyright claim on it so the video is blocked in some countries. One of the downsides of uploading to Youtube.

  3. Eze Nolose says:

    oh that really sucks, maybe i can work around it. Thx for the reply.

  4. Abstruse says:

    It doesn’t seem to be working no matter what country. I’ve had friends in several different places try and I’ve tried proxy servers, but they all show as blocked. I think the video’s just effectively down globally.

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