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RAW 03-11-13

March 12, 2013

SEGMENT:  We open RAW with a very nice tribute to Paul Bearer.  It was very touching and I’m very sad that he has passed away.  Undertaker’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.  Once inside, there’s an urn resting upon a pedestal.  Undertaker drops to one knee and bows one last time […]

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Smackdown: 03-08-13

March 11, 2013

SEGMENT:  Swagger and Colter come out and Swagger welcomes everyone to HIS America and introduces Zeb Colter.  Colter cuts his usual anti-immigrant promo, while Jack Swagger says he’s going to take back America.  Finally Del Rio comes out and has a video of his own.  The video mocks the “We The People” videos Zeb and […]

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SMACKDOWN: 02-22-13

February 23, 20130 Comments

SEGMENT:  Alberto Del Rio comes out and exclaims that he’s going to Wrestlemania as the champion and he knows who his opponent is going to be, Jack Swagger.  He addresses what Swagger and Colter had to say about how Del Rio is everything wrong with America.  Del Rio wants to remind Swagger that America was […]

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RAW: 02-18-13

February 20, 20130 Comments

SEGMENT:  RAW starts off with John Cena’s music hitting.  He makes his way to the ring to give what will probably be a pandering speech to build towards his rematch with Rock at Wrestlemania.  He comes out and tries to hype Wrestlemania now that we know both the main events.  He mentions Alberto Del Rio […]

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SMACKDOWN: 02-15-13

February 16, 20130 Comments

SEGMENT:  Big Show makes his way to the ring and starts Smackdown off with a promo stating Del Rio hasn’t and can’t pin him.  Surprisingly it is interrupted by Chris Jericho?  Jericho brings up their tag team history and that he plans on winning the Elimination Chamber Match.  If Big Show wins the World Heavyweight […]

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RAW: 02-11-13

February 14, 20130 Comments

SEGMENT:  RAW opens with Paul Heyman standing in the middle of the ring.  He declares tonight is the last night you will see him.  For CM Punk’s sake he is quitting so the sins of the mentor won’t hurt the protege.  Enter CM Punk who eventually convinces Heyman to stay.  However, there’s a “look” in […]

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SMACKDOWN: 02-08-13

February 9, 20130 Comments

SEGMENT:  We open with Big Show arriving to the arena in his bus.  Lately with the way Big Show’s been carrying himself the last couple weeks, I think he’d make a great Kingpin in a Daredevil or Spiderman movie.  He’s definitely big and bald enough.  Big Show makes his way to the ring and insults […]

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RAW: 02-04-13

February 6, 20130 Comments

Highlights from last night include CM Punk vs Chris Jericho in what was an amazing match.  Not only in terms of technical ability, but in the fact that Punk won cleanly.  To me, he was on top of the world and started to lose some momentum as a heel, especially after losing to The Rock. […]

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