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The Hills Have Eyes Remake – Boots To Reboots

May 16, 20170 Comments

The Maniacal Cinephile reviews the 2006 remake of The Hills Have Eyes directed by Alexandre Aja. The remake stars Aaron Stanford, Ted Levine, Robert Joy, Michael Bailey Smith, Dan Byrd, Emilie de Ravin, Laura Ortiz and Billy Drago.

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Day Of The Dead (2008) Remake – Boots To Reboots

December 29, 20161 Comment

The Maniacal Cinephile reviews DAY OF THE DEAD (2008) in the latest episode of Boots To Reboots. The movie is a remake of the George A. Romero film of the same name from 1985. The remake was directed by Steve Miner and stars Mean Suvari, Nick Cannon, Ving Rhames and not much elseā€¦

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Boots To Reboots: The Hitcher Remake

September 13, 20160 Comments

Take a ride with the Maniacal Cinephile as he reviews the 2007 remake of THE HITCHER. The film was directed by some guy and stars Sophia Bush, Zachary Knighton and Sean Bean.

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Boots To Reboots: The Wolfman Remake

May 30, 20160 Comments

While recovering from a nasty bite, Andy reviews the unrated remake of The Wolfman (2010) directed by Joe Johnston and starring Benicio del Toro, Emily Blunt, Hugo Weaving and Sir Anthony Hopkins.

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Q&A: Andy Answers Your Frequently Asked Questions

April 20, 20160 Comments

It’s Q&A time! Thanks to everyone who sent a question.

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Boots To ReBoots: Poltergeist Remake Review

February 19, 20160 Comments

In this episode, Andy reviews the 2015 remake of Poltergeist starring Sam Rockwell and a glitchy television.

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Boots To ReBoots: Friday the 13th (2009) Review

November 13, 20150 Comments

Happy Friday the 13th! Celebrate this unlucky day with Andy, his split personalities and Jason Voorhees.

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Boots To ReBoots: The Omen

September 30, 20156 Comments

In this episode, a refreshed Andy crosses another pointless remake off the list. This time it’s the 2006 remake of THE OMEN. God help all three of us!

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