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Duchovny And Anderson Up For Another “X-Files” Movie

October 15, 2013

The stars of Fox‘s classic science fiction series, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, told the New York Comic-Con crowd that they want another X-FILES movie, The Wrap reports. “All the principals are on board,” including “X-Files” creator Chris Carter, Duchovny said during a panel discussion at a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the series’ premiere […]

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Would Simon Pegg Say Yes To “The X-Files” Sequel?

September 1, 2013

Last week, The X-Files creator, Chris Carter, revealed his plans for a third film and that he has a part for Simon Pegg if he wanted it. Well, Simon Pegg has responded and it sounds pretty positive. “I was a big fan of “The X-Files” and I’ve become friends with Gillian since,” Simon Pegg told […]

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Chris Carter Discusses “X-Files 3”; Role For Simon Pegg?

August 25, 2013

In an exclusive interview with Empire, THE X-FILES show creator Chris Carter revealed that a third film would return to the show’s mythology, and could have a role available for Simon Pegg. “It’s really up to Twentieth Century Fox, whether they have the will to do it,” Carter tells Empire. “I think all of us are interested in putting […]

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