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Jonah Hill Only Paid $60,000 For “The Wolf Of Wall Street”

January 23, 20140 Comments

That’s a sum of money that would make the average person happy, but not when you’re an Oscar-nominated actor in Hollywood. With a budget of $100 Million, you’d think the producers of THE WOLF OF WALL STREET could have offered him more. However, Jonah Hill isn’t complaining. Jonah said on The Howard Stern Show he was paid […]

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James Wan Producing New Line’s “Crawlspace”

November 12, 2013

THR reports that director Phil Claydon (Lesbian Vampire Killer) has signed on to helm New Line Cinema‘s CRAWLSPACE. It’ll be a low budget horror movie that the studio hopes will be as successful as The Conjuring. The project was previously titled Within and was written by screewriter Gary Dauberman (Swamp Devil). Synopsis: “Crawlspace is about a […]

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Lead Characters Signed On For “The Conjuring 2”

July 21, 2013

Director James Wan’s new film THE CONJURING opened with $37M over the weekend and Warner Bros. has announced a sequel. Vera Farmiga, who plays Lorainne Warren, revealed in an interview that both her and co-star Pattrick Wilson are already contractually locked into The Conjuring 2. Farmiga said she loves playing Lorraine, working with Patrick Wilson, and […]

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