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Ivan Reitman Out; Sony Seeks New Director For “Ghostbusters 3”

March 19, 20140 Comments

Deadline reports that Sony Pictures is looking to start production early in 2015 on Ghostbusters 3 with filming to take place in New York. However, the film has hit another hiccup. In the wake of Harold Ramis’ death, Ivan Reitman has decided he won’t direct the film. Instead, Reitman will help Amy Pascal find a new director to take […]

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Image Gallery: Celebrate “Ghostbusters” 30th Anniversary

January 20, 20140 Comments

Imgur recently posted a behind-the-scenes gallery consisting of 62 images from GHOSTBUSTERS. 2014 marks the 30th anniversary of the hit comedy, which was directed by Ivan Reitman and written by Harold Ramis & Dan Aykroyd. The film is considered a classic and has spawned comics, toys, video games and vast amounts of merchandise. The sequel came […]

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Emile Hirsch Set To Star In John Belushi Biopic

October 29, 2013

Emile Hirsch has signed on to star in the John Belushi biopic, which is being written and directed by Steve Conrad. The movie is being adapted from Judith Belushi Pisano (Belushi’s widow) and Tanner Colby’s book “Belushi“. Hirsch isn’t an obvious choice to play the actor in terms of appearance and comedy. He’s more known […]

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Dan Aykroyd discusses “Ghostbusters 3” plot

May 21, 2013

Dan Aykroyd joined “Larry King Now” to talk about all sorts of stuff, including the long-gestured GHOSTBUSTERS 3, which still has some life. It’s important to note that Aykroyd boldly stated that Bill Murray is not currently part of the movie. “He’s a good friend, I love him, he just doesn’t want to reprise the role. However, there will […]

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The latest news on “Ghostbusters 3”

April 24, 2013

Some news on Sony’s GHOSTBUSTERS 3, which will not be shooting this summer since the current script is only half finished. The good news is that Dan Aykroyd is apparently inspired by some modern real-world scientific discoveries that they could use to bridge over into the supernatural universe for the sequel. Aykoryd told ABC (via […]

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