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Video: “X-Men” Producer Confirms Channing Tatum Is Gambit

May 14, 20140 Comments

Total Film were on the X-Men Days of Future Past ‘blue carpet’ and chatted with producer Lauren Shuler Donner who discussed future projects such as X-Force, Deadpool, and a solo Gambit film starring… Channing Tatum. There were rumblings of this announcement last month. Check out the old article here. The Hollywood Reporter also reports that before Tatum gets […]

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Super Power Beat Down: Batman vs Deadpool

July 1, 2013

“Bat in the Sun” has released the latest production from their “Super Power Beat Down” web series. In the latest installment, its Gotham’s Dark Knight vs the Merc with the Mouth, with a cameo appearance by Catwoman. Check out this fun brawl where the winner was pre-determined in a fan vote. Check out their previous […]

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