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Comics: Zorro & Django Crossover Co-Written By Quentin Tarantino

June 18, 20140 Comments

Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino is returning to the world of Django Unchained as the co-writer of a comic book miniseries that will team the character with the masked vigilante Zorro.  Django/Zorro will be co-written by Tarantino and comic book writer Matt Wagner, with the latter providing the final script. “I’m very, very excited about both this story and the opportunity to […]

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Tarantino Editing “Django Unchained” Into 4-Hour Miniseries?

May 23, 20140 Comments

Quentin Tarantino told audiences at the Cannes Film Festival that he wants to release 90 minutes of new footage to include in a four-hour Django Unchained miniseries. “I have about 90 minutes worth of material with ‘Django.’ It hasn’t been seen. My idea, frankly, is to cut together a four-hour version of ‘Django Unchained,’” said Tarantino at Cannes. “But […]

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Will Smith reveals why he didn’t want to play Django

March 25, 2013

In a recent interview with EW, Will Smith finally gave his version of why he didn’t take the part of Django in Quentin Tarantino’s DJANGO UNCHAINED. Originally Will Smith was Quentin’s first pick to play the main character, but during negotiations they couldn’t get things to work.  This is what Will Smith had to say: […]

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