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Promos For The Next Episode Of “Dexter”

August 26, 2013

Here’s a promo and various sneak peeks at the tenth episode of Showtime’s final season of DEXTER, titled “Goodbye Miami”. The next episode will air in two weeks, on Sunday, September 8th. Below is also a video which sets up the big finale. Synopsis: “Dexter enlists Dr. Vogel’s help to lure the Brain Surgeon to a […]

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Another Clip For This Sunday’s Episode Of “Dexter”

July 24, 2013

Here is a second clip for next Sunday’s episode of DEXTER. I really need to catch up. I still haven’t finished season 7. In THIS LITTLE PIGGY, “Dr. Vogel comes into contact with the “Brain Surgeon”. Dexter and Deb try to keep her safe. Masuka learns that he has a daughter.“

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