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“Dead Rising 3” DLC Delayed Until January

December 19, 2013

Update: It looks like that DEAD RISING 3 DLC won’t be here in time for Christmas after all. Instead, expect it towards the end of January. Capcom confirmed the delay stating, “Adding new content to the massive open world of Los Perdidos is a major undertaking, and to ensure we provide the best possible experience for […]

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Microsoft’s “Dead Rising 3” Zombie Prank Terrifies Gamers

December 13, 2013

Microsoft UK crafted a fake VIP room with one-way mirrors and hidden cameras so they could scare the pants off a handful of lucky gamers. They accomplished this by zombifying a few actors and unleashing them on some unsuspecting players who had been invited to “immerse” themselves in DEAD RISING 3. Dead Rising 3 is […]

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The First 25 Minutes Of “Dead Rising 3” Gameplay

November 7, 2013

IGN and Capcom Vancouver fight their way through the introduction of the upcoming video game, DEAD RISING 3. Dead Rising 3 launches exclusively on the Xbox One on November 22nd.

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You’ll Never See The Same Zombie Twice In “Dead Rising 3”

October 1, 2013

Capcom recently confirmed the in-game world for DEAD RISING 3 will be larger than the first two games combined, and at a recent Xbox One event in Sydney, Capcom producer Mike Jones sat down with CVG to discuss some of the more exciting things they’re introducing to the series. One of these additions is procedurally generated […]

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30 Minutes Of “Beyond: Two Souls” Awesome Gameplay

September 26, 2013

Many are considering Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us to be the PS3’s last great game, but hold your horses. Have you ever played Heavy Rain? Well company Quantic Dreams is releasing BEYOND: TWO SOULS exclusively to the platform. It looks incredible and you can see for yourself below. If you’d like to play the […]

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“Dead Rising 3” Super-Combo Weapons Are Even More Powerful

September 22, 2013

Capcom is going all out with the upcoming DEAD RISING 3. They have confirmed that the map will be larger than the first two games combined, and now we can look forward to even more over-the-top weapons. In Dead Rising 3 you’ll be able to created super-combo weapons by combining at least three different weapons. These […]

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“Dead Rising 3” Map Larger Than The Previous Games Combined!

September 12, 2013

Capcom is raising the bar with DEAD RISING 3, the new Xbox One exclusive in their popular zombie franchise. Capcom’s Josh Bridge and Mike Jones were recently interviewed by the Financial Post and confirmed that the game’s world will be larger than the first two games… combined! The developers add that players will be using […]

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Stunning Computer Generated Trailer For “Dead Rising 3”

August 20, 2013

Have you been worried that DEAD RISING 3 was going to be too gritty and not bring any of the over-the-top theatrics of the previous installments? If so, then you’re going to really dig this trailer. Check out the game’s brand new CG trailer below. The graphics are beautiful and the last 30 seconds really […]

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