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“Godzilla: Awakening” Graphic Novel Set Before Remake

January 23, 20140 Comments

Similar to Legendary Pictures‘ Pacific Rim, the remake of GODZILLA will also be getting a prequel in the form of a graphic novel titled “Godzilla: The Awakening.” This 72-page story, set decades before the film, is co-written by Godzilla screenwriter Max Borenstein and Greg Borenstein. Check out the video announcement below. Press release: Delve into an incredible mystery, […]

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Robert Kirkman Announces Exorcism Series “Outcast”

October 13, 2013

Robert Kirkman has announced a new horror series titled OUTCAST. The news was teased earlier in the week, but now new details have surfaced. Kirkman says that Outcast will be to exorcisms what The Walking Dead was to zombies. Possession and exorcism movies have been pumped out a lot lately and the genre is getting […]

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