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“Worst Twerk Fail EVER” Viral Video Is A Jimmy Kimmel Prank

September 10, 2013

You know the video. It’s the one with the girl twerking against her door and ends up on fire. Well, it turns out that it was all a big internet prank. If the video played out just one second longer, you’d see the man behind the curtain. That video, titled “Worst Twerk Fail EVER,” has […]

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Reunion with Chewbacca angers Harrison Ford

April 19, 2013

Harrison Ford was a guest on last night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to promote his movie “42” and naturally the discussion came around to the next STAR WARS movie and the future of the franchise. Ford tried to stay mum and say he couldn’t talk about it, but when he agreed to some questions from the audience, things got heated […]

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