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Ivan Reitman Out; Sony Seeks New Director For “Ghostbusters 3”

March 19, 20140 Comments

Deadline reports that Sony Pictures is looking to start production early in 2015 on Ghostbusters 3 with filming to take place in New York. However, the film has hit another hiccup. In the wake of Harold Ramis’ death, Ivan Reitman has decided he won’t direct the film. Instead, Reitman will help Amy Pascal find a new director to take […]

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Michael Bay Embarrassed At CES 2014; Walks Offstage

January 7, 2014

Film director Michael Bay took to his blog to talk about walking offstage during a Samsung presentation at the CES trade show today in Las Vegas. He was brought onstage by EVP Joe Stinziano to discuss 4K TV. A few moments into the discussion, Bay got lost in the teleprompter, apologized and walked away. “Wow! I […]

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Sacha Baron Cohen Leaves “Freddie Mercury” Bio Film

July 23, 2013

Sacha Baron Cohen has called it quits. It appears that he isn’t seeing eye to eye with the remaining members of Queen who have script and director approval over the film that would tell the life story of singer Freddie Mercury. Sacha Baron Cohen’s name has circled the movie for a long time now and […]

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