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TV Spot For “The Simpsons LEGO Spectacular” Episode

April 24, 20140 Comments

All new episodes of The Simpsons begin Sunday at 8/7c on FOX and don’t miss The Simpsons Lego Spectacular on May 4th. TVLine has an exclusive first look at the special event, which also happens to be the series’ 550th episode. “Kiss my flat, plastic butt.”

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“Morgan Freeman” Narrates Lego Marvel Super Heroes Trailer

November 18, 2013

Actor Morgan Freeman was hired to narrate a trailer for the upcoming Lego Marvel Super Heroes video game. However, there’s just something about this game that makes him go all to pieces… Voiced by Jason Stephens.

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Documentary On The LEGO Phenomenon In The Works

September 18, 2013

Denmark-based toymaker The LEGO Group is teaming up with filmmakers on an official documentary that tells the story of the interlocking toy bricks that have fueled children’s creativity for decades. The Global Emerging Markets (GEM) Group has partnered with Oscar-winner Daniel Junge (Saving Face) and Oscar-nominated Kief Davidson (Open Heart) on BEYOND THE BRICK: A LEGO […]

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“Alien” stop-motion fight done with Legos

May 14, 2013

Youtuber Kooberz has made a LEGO stop motion Aliens short, complete with an epic duel between a Xenomorph Queen and a power loader. It’s an amazing video that’s under a minute, yet showcases some nice stop motion talent. Check it out up above.

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