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Details For Greg Nicotero And KNB Documentary “Nightmare Factory”

October 1, 2013

At the “All Hallows’ Evil” Halloween marathon running October 30th-31st, EPIX is premiering NIGHTMARE FACTORY, a 90-minute documentary about the acclaimed Oscar-winning Hollywood special effects house KNB, responsible for creating “The Walking Dead” zombies and the makeup effects for close to 1,000 feature films. Even if you’re not aware of Greg Nicotero or his KNB […]

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Kevin Smith Hosts “Walking Dead” Weekend On AMC

July 3, 2013

Director Kevin Smith will host THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 ‘Preview Weekend,’ which starts this Thursday, July 4th. Hosted by Smith, the “Preview Weekend” will show every episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” in order as well as behind-the-scenes interviews with cast and crew from the now-filming set in Atlanta, GA. Some episodes will also be […]

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