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Infographic: A Science Fiction Monster Size Guide

June 11, 20140 Comments

Have you ever wondered how big some of your favorite Sci-Fi movie monsters were? How does King Kong compare to the Queen Alien? Well, check out this awesome infographic, The Ultimate Science Fiction Monster Size Guide, courtesy of TSG (Technology Services Group).

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Size Chart: How Godzilla Has Grown Over The Years

March 2, 20140 Comments

He’s known as the King of the Monsters, but Godzilla has definitely grown over the years. The following image is from godzilla-movies.com and demonstrates how Gojira has evolved from the early Toho days up to Legendary Pictures’ upcoming reboot directed by Gareth Edwards.

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Giant Movie Monsters Size Chart

April 10, 2013

I saw this and thought it was pretty cool.  It’s a chart comparing the different sizes of some of the most well known monsters.  How big is Megatron compared to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? Or how about Godzilla and the Cloverfield monster?

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