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August 21, 20140 Comments

Some early reviews have been coming in from UK critics for Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Is it worth the 9 year wait? Here’s what the critics are saying… Digital Spy – Sin City: A Dame to Kill For isn’t the resounding triumph we craved, with its huge reliance […]

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“RoboCop” Remake Officially Receives PG-13 Rating

December 11, 2013

Columbia Pictures’ remake of ROBOCOP has officially been rated PG-13 for “intense sequences of action including frenetic gun violence throughout, brief strong language, sensuality and some drug material.” Synopsis: “In RoboCop, the year is 2029 and multinational conglomerate OmniCorp is at the center of robot technology. Their drones are winning American wars around the globe and now […]

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New “Robocop” Remake Aiming For PG-13 Rating?

July 21, 2013

Sony Pictures‘ remake of ROBOCOP is featured at this years Comic Con, six months before it hits theaters on February 7th, 2014. There was a group interview prior to the film’s panel consisting of director Jose Padilha and stars Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, Joel Kinnaman and Abbie Cornish. Concerning the film’s rating, Padilha said they […]

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Will “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 2” be PG-13?

June 9, 2013

Movieweb recently chatted with HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS producer Adam McKay, who talked about the upcoming sequel, which he promises will be insane, even though the plans are to make it PG-13. The Gary Sanchez production, directed by Tommy Wirkola, and released by Paramount Pictures, performed very well for an R-rated horror film. So far, it’s […]

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“The Conjuring” receives R rating for being too scary?

March 31, 2013

Although James Wan planned for THE CONJURING  to receive a PG-13, the ratings board came back with an R rating simply because the film was “too scary”.  They cited no specific scenes that could be altered or removed, but also didn’t mess with Wan’s film, which the director was thankful for.  Since the film didn’t […]

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