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Hugh Jackman Cast In Neill Blomkamp’s “Chappie”

September 29, 2013

Hugh Jackman (Wolverine, Prisoners) has confirmed that he has been cast in Neill Blomkamp’s upcoming picture titled CHAPPIE. Chappie is the story of a robot, voiced by Blomkamp regular Sharlto Copley, who gets stolen by two gangsters who plan to use him for their criminal purposes. Experimental South African rappers Ninja and Yolandi Visser will portray […]

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Neill Blomkamp Follows Up “Elysium” With “Chappie”

August 21, 2013

Hot off the release of Elysium, director/writer Neill Blomkamp’s next movie will be CHAPPIE. Synopsis: “Chappie is the story of the titular robot with artificial intelligence that is stolen by a pair of gangsters (Ninja and Yolandi Visser of South African rap-rave act Die Antwoord) who want to use the robot for their evil-doing.”  Sharlto Copley […]

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First Clip From “Elysium” Features Matt Damon

July 24, 2013

I’m getting pretty excited about ELYSIUM. The behind the scenes look we got from WETA was pretty cool and now we got the first clip. Matt Damon attempts to have a conversation with a robot, which reminds me of the taxi from Total Recall. Perhaps there’s some inspiration from THX 1138 in there as well. Synopsis: […]

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