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Zombie Apocalypse Infographic: How Long Would You Last?

March 23, 20140 Comments

More than 800,000 survey-takers responded and Mashable created this infographic to share some of the data that came out of the zombie survival survey. Who would last the longest? What’s the most popular zombie weapon? Would you be sad or happy if the zombie apocalypse happened? The world may end up being ruled by young, Canadian […]

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Comic Book Movies are perfect for first dates?

May 23, 2013

Got a hot first date coming up? Well, you may want to consider taking him or her to see Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness or Man of Steel as a new research study has revealed that over 77 percent of women rated superhero movies as being their ideal first date. Over two thirds of men, 62 percent, agreed! […]

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