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Clip From Marvel’s Mandarin One-Shot Starring Ben Kingsley

January 15, 2014

Marvel has released the first clip from the upcoming Mandarin One-Shot titled “All Hail The King,” which will be included on the Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray. It features Argo‘s Scoot McNairy narrating his quest to find out the truth about the man actually known as Trevor Slattery. Thor: The Dark World hits Blu-ray on February 25th. Watch the clip […]

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The Creation Of Thor’s Hammer Mjölnir

November 5, 2013

Every other Monday, master swordsmith Tony Swatton forges your favorite weapons from video games, movies, and television. This week, he tackles Mjölnir, Thor’s Hammer featured in the upcoming film Thor: The Dark World.

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Epic New Trailer For Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World”

August 8, 2013

Marvel and Disney just released the brand new trailer for THOR: THE DARK WORLD, which features a ton of new footage. The sequel is directed by Alan Taylor and hits theaters November 8th, 2013. Synopsis: “Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World” continues the big-screen adventures of Thor, the Mighty Avenger, as he battles to save Earth and all the […]

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Trailer for “Thor: The Dark World” is here!

April 23, 2013

Marvel’s God of Thunder returns in the first THOR: THE DARK WORLD trailer featuring otherworldly battles, new and familiar faces from Asgard and Midgard, as well as many new enemies! Check it out! Synopsis: In the aftermath of Marvel’s “Thor” and “Marvel’s The Avengers,” Thor fights to restore order across the cosmos…but an ancient race led by […]

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Teaser Poster for “Thor: The Dark World”

April 20, 2013

Marvel’s THOR: THE DARK WORLD (in theaters November 8th) continues the big screen adventures of Thor, the Mighty Avenger, as he battles to save Earth and all the Nine Realms from a shadowy enemy that predates the universe itself. In the aftermath of Marvel’s THOR and THE AVENGERS, Thor fights to restore order across the […]

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